Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Cover Me, Day Two : Yellow Submarine - Roots Manuva

Today's song sends me off on a few tangents, setting off a nice little Catherine wheel. What's your favourite Beatles song? Is Octopus' Garden Ringo's finest moment? It also brings to mind some of my favourite re-workings of John, Paul and George's songs. Yesterday, my friend Glen Forde reminded me of Stevie Wonder's peachy version of We Can Work It Out.  The Jim Jones Revue do a demented take on Get Back that's worth checking out.

I've gone for Roots Manuva's version of Yellow Submarine because it makes me smile, but also because the London rapper is one of my favourite artists. Witness(One Hope) is the song he's best known for - it is deadly - but there's also gems like Let The Spirit, Dreamy Days and Too Cold.  He makes great albums, full of wit, bravado and self deprecation, and I think he's a little overlooked.

This is what Yellow Submarine would have sounded like if Ringo had been told that the submarine was coming to get him. With its sparse beats and strings, this is a true re-imagining. Or maybe it's just odd. Either way, I like it and it makes me want to put on more of Roots Manuva's tunes.

Which is always a blast.

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